Waste Treatment and Disposal

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  • Waste Treatment & Disposal
    • General Industrial Waste
      Reddi Environmental safely and effectively treats and disposes of waste. Our treatment facility provides the necessary tools to meet all of your waste management needs. We offer complete management of all types of drummed waste as well as on-site bulk wastewater treatment and removal. Consider us your one-stop source for all your industrial waste services. Whether your business needs solutions for waste management, waste minimization, … more»
    • Hazardous Waste
      Trust Reddi Environmental to deliver safe, customized solutions for your hazardous waste removal needs. Our specially-trained technicians will work with your team to come up with a cost-effective, environmentally-sound plan to remove toxic materials from your facility and reduce your company's liability. Strict Adherence to Hazardous Waste Regulations Reduces Risk Reddi's attention to detail and strict compliance with federal, state a… more»
    • Sludge Dewatering
      Sludge is produced as a byproduct of wastewater treatment or sanitation systems such as septic tanks. Because it has a high water content, sludge is easier to dispose of if the water is removed. Sludge dewatering is simply the process of separating the solids from the liquids. There are several methods for dewatering. Mechanical dewatering uses a press or centrifuge to squeeze out the liquid. Filtration uses filter bags to separate liq… more»
    • Pumping & Vacuum Trucks
      Reddi maintains a fleet of vacuum trucks for our Reddi Root'r plumbing division. Our vacuum trucks range from 3,000 to 6,500 gallons and transfer all waste to our Reddi Industries Plant facility. Reddi Industries offers both wet and dry vacuuming services. From large holding tanks to sand tables to residential septic tanks, we have the equipment and manpower to get the job done right. NO job is too big or too small. Mobile Vac Services… more»
  • Cleaning Services
    • Hydrojetting
      Reddi Environmental offers commercial water jetting services for the Wichita, Kansas area. Our hydrojetting system cleans blocked drains quickly and safely using as low as 1,500 all the way to 20,000 psi of water pressure. Reddi's water jetting services removes built-up grease, sludge, and debris from your plumbing and restores your system to peak performance. Regular drain cleanings will keep your plumbing flowing. Traditional drain c… more»
    • Industrial Inspections
      Reddi Environmental can provide a comprehensive inspection of your industrial facility's stormwater and wastewater treatment and discharge systems. We'll ensure compliance with the City of Wichita's stormwater management codes that prevent pollutants from entering the municipal water supply, as well as regulations set by the State of Kansas and the Environmental Protection Agency. .  If needed, we can also help develop a customize… more»
    • Tanks & Pipes
      Reddi Environmental services industrial septic tanks in the Wichita, Kansas area. Over time, grease and waste builds up and needs to be removed. Reddi can clean out a variety of traps and pits so that your business can keep running efficiently. Commercial and Residential Services Above-Ground Tanks In-Ground Tank Process Tanks Product Tanks Waste Tanks Storm Drains Eco-Friendly Tank Treatment Septic Tank Pumping Service Tank… more»
  • Stormwater Management
    Rain and snow can’t be absorbed into the ground through impermeable surfaces like roads, sidewalks, and driveways. Instead, the water runs into the nearest storm drain or body of water. This stormwater runoff is untreated, so it carries pollutants and chemicals into the city’s storm sewer system, where it eventually ends up in the groundwater and drinking supply.   BMP Inspections & Service Reddi Environmental wil… more»
  • Contact
    Reddi Environmental6205 E Kellogg Dr. Wichita, Kansas 67218(316) 681-3382 phone (316) 942-9971 fax  Questions / Schedule Service more»