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Restaurant Grease Trap Installation and Service


Installation, Service, and Cleaning

At Reddi, we work to help commercial kitchens meet grease removal regulations safely and efficiently. Whether you need a new system installed or your existing system replaced, our technicians can get the job done with minimal down time.

We can help you determine if you need a grease trap, grease interceptor, grease recovery unit, or another type of grease removal device, and the appropriate size for your restaurant's needs. Proper installation and maintenance is important to remove fat, oil and grease from your kitchen's drain lines so they don't enter the sewer system.

We understand your need for a streamlined operation. Our experienced staff and proven track record guarantees Reddi Environmental will perform quality work. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we provide excellent service to our customers every day, and we're available day or night to fix your kitchen's needs with no overtime.

Reddi Environmental is here to help you with your restaurant's grease traps. Call us for a quote today!



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